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85% of future jobs have not been invented yet. Instead of preparing students for specific jobs, Monocle prepares them to be creative, agile, and life long learners allowing them to be prepared for any path they choose, including the ones that haven't been discovered yet.


We empower students with the academic and social skills necessary to become stewards of growth in their personal learning and local communities of today while preparing to become leaders in the workforce of tomorrow 


we want to create an organization that sets the standard for other afterschool programs to push innovation, high standards, and sustainability


Being the first to attend college in her family came with many challenges and JeAnna knew that there had to be a better way to prepare students for the college process. Many of her questions were answered when she worked at a college access program. One of her takeaways was that we needed to develop student's hard and soft skills well before their high school years. After obtaining her Masters in Educational Entrepreneurship at UPenn she is developing the Entrepreneurship Department at The Stone Independent School and has been running an afterschool program that will prepare students with the right mindset, skills, and confidence necessary to take their education head-on.

JeAnna Durnell


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